Business Intelligence

MedModus provide Business Intelligence set up and support services to hospitals and other healthcare organisations. Our approach is underpinned by the MedModus BI Discipline (see below) and a determination to help organisations ensure their BI functions are central to performance improvement.

We will work with your organisation to help with:

BI architecture design

BI software selection

BI function set up and personnel selection

BI function supplemental staffing

BI function managed services

The MedModus BI Discipline

There is a common misperception that the key to achieving robust BI capability is merely a question of choosing the right software. This is not the case. At MedModus we follow a thorough BI discipline covering several important and interrelated aspects that must be considered for the successful delivery of a BI platform, as illustrated below: 

Improvement Delivery – Central to our approach is a determination to deliver measurable benefit for our customers. This is reflected in the results oriented BI/DSS applications we develop such as fCast™ – our waiting list improvement application. 

Industry Know-How – We have deep industry knowledge, with over 10 years of experience working on performance improvement and BI specific to healthcare.

Methodology – MedModus use a proven agile methodology for development, implementation, maintenance and enhancement of BI capability and its underlying infrastructure. 

Architecture – Expert knowledge of data warehouse design and other architectural aspects, such as cloud infrastructure and security. 

Software & Technology – Expert knowledge of BI software and its underlying technology underpinned by our CareAnalytics™ BI portal.  

Data Science – An understanding of how data science approaches and statistical methods can be applied to healthcare. 

We use all the above skillsets in our BI implementations and related projects to maximise the benefit to customers and have a proven track record with several respected hospitals and healthcare organisations.