Case Study: fCast™ Hospital Waiting List Improvement
“fCast delivers a very structured waiting list improvement methodology. Predictive analytics give TUH more certainty about the likely impact of cost neutral improvement measures. The system is giving us the confidence that upward waiting list trends will be reversed.” David Slevin

CEO, Tallaght University Hospital

Executive Summary
Tallaght University Hospital (TUH) is using MedModus’s fCast™ Waiting List Decision Support System to implement sustainable improvements that will see the number of long waiting outpatients fall by 20% or 1,500 patients compared to last year and avoid a further 5,000 long waiter patients on TUH outpatient waiting lists in the coming 12 months.
Outpatient waiting lists were growing at 500 per month and forecast to reach 30,000 patients by end 2018.
12,000 patients expected to be waiting more than 15 months adding to hospital clinical risk.
Implementing whole system improvement across 20 specialties and 100 clinician outpatient clinics.
Need for a structured system of change implementation and progress tracking.
TUH implemented MedModus fCast™ Waiting List Decision Support System to bring more structure and predictability to improvement efforts.
fCast™ Solution
fCast™ algorithms use activity and waiting list information to automatically forecast 12-month trends across TUH’s 280 outpatient, inpatient and daycase specialty and consultant waiting list combinations.

The fCast™ interface allows easy service capacity and activity effectiveness analysis. Waiting list improvement initiatives, the majority of which are cost neutral or require no investment, are planned with clinicians and captured for each of the fastest growing waiting list specialties. The impact of these improvements is reflected dynamically in the application and committed to a database.

Waiting list Improvements
Improvement progress is tracked monthly and implementation will see 1,500 less long waiting patients on outpatient waiting lists versus the previous year and 5,000 (-40%) less than forecast.

The solution’s Tasks module ensures all Tasks and responsibilities are tracked to provide complete delivery transparency and accountability.

“We will have 5,000 less long waiting patients on our outpatients waiting lists and fCast has been central to that improvement.” John Kelly

COO, Tallaght University Hospital

fCast™ User Interface – inbuilt demand/capacity analysis, chronological scheduling checks, WL initiative capture and dynamic charts
Waiting List Improvement Forecast > 15 months –reduction of long waiters by 1,500 plus sustainable downward trend
Tasks Module Tracking OPD WL Improvement Actions and Accountability

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